7days weight loss diet plan for men

Weight Loss Diet Plan For Men That Reduces Fats

Weight loss is a unique challenge for men. You need patience, willpower to achieve your weight loss goal. People often following a diet plan to lose weight, but they are not able to consider sugar and carbohydrate content in the diets which interrupt your weight loss, even though you follow all the diet plan regiments. Some of us are skipping their dinners and following fasting plans to lose weight, but it is not a proper solution and can lead to protein and calcium deficiency that weakens bones and tooth strength. Also, interrupt metabolism rating that may trigger other health-related complications. I will let you know weight loss diet plan for men, which will help you.

Weight Loss Diet Plan For Men

  1. Milk
  2. Walnuts
  3. Legumes
  4. Ginger
  5. Oatmeal
  6. Healthy roties
  7. Mushroom
  8. Green Chili
  9. Carrot
  10. Beans
  11. Cucumber

Avoid Nutritional Deficiency

It is essential to avoid nutritional deficiency while concentrating on weight loss diets. Your diet must contain calcium and proteins, vitamins along with antioxidants which necessary to prevent nutritional deficiency. If left prevention of nutritional deficiency that prone to further complications.

Add Home Ingredients To Your Diet

Fibers, essential nutrients are abundant in home ingredients such as fenugreeks, black peppers, and ajwain, thus which promote healthy weight loss and avoid nutritional deficiency diseases in weight loss process.

1. Milk Controls Your Appetite

diet chart for weight loss for male

Milk enriched with multi-proteins along with calcium which controlls appetite and enhances the strength of the bones and tooth. Moreover, it improves skin complexion and promotes healthy hair and nail growth. Take a cup of milk everyday night before bed.

2. Walnuts For Men Weight Loss Diet

Walnuts enriched with essential nutrients along with rich fibers to promote healthy weight loss and enhance the immune system without causing a nutritional deficiency. It’s omega fatty-3 acids, proteins, vitamins which improves metabolism, helps in fat reducing and to control appetite. Consume 10 to 15 walnuts daily morning.

3. Legumes To Reduce Fats

legumes for men weight loss

Legumes have body mass reducing abilities that said Ayurveda Doctor “Chirumamilla Murali Manohar”. The presence of fibers and omega fatty acids in it can effectively reduce fats, relieve constipation and improves metabolism rating. The remaining proteins and vitamins improve skin complexion and enhance the immune system. Add legumes to your lunch to see noticeable results.

4. Add Ginger To Your Recipes

best diet plan for men

People with Overweight and suffering from the gas problem can prefer ginger to lose weight. It improves digestions, circulation, enhances the strength of muscles and triggers your metabolism to burn fats and cholesterol.

5. Oatmeal Breakfast

weight loss diet for men

Oatmeal regulates the blood circulation, insulin release and triggers fat burning since it is the slowly digestible ingredient that that controls appetite. Take oatmeal in your breakfast, if you are going to workouts.

6. Healthy Roties

Usually, many people suggest you that whole wheat roties, but which not able to reduce weight until the addition of a few ingredients with it. While some people are reporting that the roties are causing constipation and bloating stomach, the presence of gluten can’t be digested in some cases that leads to gluten intolerance which results in stomach pain and indigestion.

However, the addition of white sesame seeds, flax seeds along with oatmeal in it makes your dinner comfort and digestible. As the additional ingredients have proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibers help weight loss. ]

How To Prepare:

  • Take 8tablespoons of oats, a tablespoon of white sesame seeds along with flax seeds and fry them on a frying pan for three to five minutes.
  • Add them to a cup of whole wheat by adding appropriate water to make roties.
  • Make roties without adding oil to lose weight at least 5kgs in one month.

7. Mushrooms For Men Weight Loss

It is the healthiest food for vegetarians and non-vegetarians due to its deliciousness. Zero cholesterol with rich nutrients like proteins in mushrooms increases metabolism rating that reduces fats. You can add mushroom recipe weekly once to lose your weight without causing side effects.

8. Green Chilies To Increase Metabolism

The primary component named capsaicin in green chili speed up metabolism rating by releasing lower-level of stress hormones. Studies show that addition of chili in recipes can improve digestion, avoids calcium deficiency and boost immunity, as well as soothes respiratory system.

9. Carrots To Reduce Fat

Carrots play an essential role in weight loss, the rich source of nutrients in it avoids vitamin A and K deficiency, is the most common problem in weight loss. Their fiber reduces belly fat around the stomach, relieves constipation and keeps your appetite in check. Moreover, it improves immunity and skin complexion.

10. Beans

The presence of fibers in it helps lose belly fat around the stomach, and the beneficial nutrients in it improve your immunity and reduce inflammation of the skin.


Addition of cucumber in your meal plan can help you lose weight. The presence of fibers, vitamins, and proteins along with high content of water in it promotes healthy weight loss, enhance the immune system and keeps your body hydrated.

Fruits To Men Weight Loss

Fruits avoid nutritional deficiency in weight loss diet. It is beneficial for those who are experiencing vitamin deficiency with a weight loss diet. The presence omega fatty acids, proteins, vitamins along with the rich source of nutrients in it enhance the strength of the immune system and keep your body hydrated. Consume at least 200 grams of fruits per day to in check overweight.

7 Diet Chart For Weight Loss For Male


Morning: Make carrot juice with the addition of orange and drink it instead of your regular breakfast, which provides sufficient nutrients throughout the day to keep you energetic.

Afternoon: Add legumes recipe to your lunch. The presence of fibers and proteins improves your health and reduce fats.

Night: Make roties with whole wheat which I mentioned above that control your appetite and relieves constipation.


Morning: Make Beetroot juice with the addition of cucumbers (Do not add sugar with it) and drink it instead of your breakfast.
Afternoon: Add Radish recipe to your diet. The rich source of fibers and proteins balances your health and helps in reducing fats quickly.

Note: Night: You can consume Roties Everyday night for quick results.


Morning: Drink pomegranate juice or consume it directly by removing its peel. Vitamins, proteins along with the decent of fibers in it keep you healthier, boost your immunity, and improves skin complexion.

Add mushrooms with chilies receipt to you lunch that increase your metabolism rating and reduce the risk of heart diseases.


Morning: Drink freshly prepared apple juice in the morning of the day and add two roties in your breakfast that controls appetite and improves metabolism rating.

Afternoon: Add beans recipe to your lunch that should be added with garlic and black peppers.


Afternoon: Add Luffa recipe to your diet. The rich source of fibers in it reduces weight, as well as proteins and vitamins, improves metabolism rating, and avoids nutritional deficiency.


Consume grapes instead of breakfast which provide enough strength to your body and keeps hydrated. Also, improves your skin complexion. Add 3 to 4 soaked walnuts to prevent calcium deficiency.

Afternoon: Add more fruit salads and 4 to 5 dates to your lunch which enhance the strength of your body.


Morning: Consume Papaya in the morning of the day that provides sufficient nutrients to your body and improves blood platelets.

Afternoon: Add pumpkin recipe, is rich in fibers that promote healthy weight loss and relieves constipation.

Foods to Avoid In Weight Loss Diet

  • Avoid processed foods like noodles, pani puri, and fried rice which packed with fats along with stomach upset causing substances.
  • Prevent animal related diets that increase your weight and may lead heart diseases.
  • Avoid junk foods like samosa, packet foods which increase your weight and causes stomach upset.
  • Do not add sugar to your recipes that can be caused to overweight.
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