How to wash your hair

How To Wash Your Hair Using Shampoo And Conditioner

All of us washing our hair for years but some of us are not aware of proper and clean hair wash. Some people don’t know how to apply shampoo perfectly. Washing the hair in a perfectly right way is an important aspect of getting clean and healthy hair. Regular usage of shampoo can damage your hair by absorbing the natural oils which leads to thinning of hair or hair breakage. You should know the right procedure to wash your hair. I am explaining some crucial tips and precautions in this article which will help you to get better results. Let’s see how to wash your hair in a right way to get great bouncy hair for every single time of your hair wash in simple steps.

Detangling of hair

Remove all the tangles of your hair with a comb gently. Detangling of hair gives smooth strands for easy hair wash and avoids hair breakage.

Wet The Hair

Prefer hot water which is not too hot or too cold and wet your hair thoroughly before applying the shampoo which opens the cuticle for the removal of all the impurities from hair and scalp.

Test the water with your hands before rinsing to save your scalp from burning.

Wash Your Hair With A Mild Shampoo

Always select a mild shampoo which is sulfate and paraben free for safe hair wash. Prefer the type of shampoo based on your needs like anti-dandruff shampoo to get rid of dandruff and anti-hair fall shampoo to prevent the hair fall etc.

how to wash hair

  • Apply Shampoo For Clean Scalp And Hair
  • Wet your hair completely with light hot water to open up the cuticles.
  • Take some shampoo and dilute it with little water to save your hair from the harsh chemicals used in shampoo.
  • Gently massage the shampoo on your scalp and hair to get much lather.
  • Don’t rub your hair between your palms which leads to breaking your hair.
  • Avoid overusing of shampoo which makes your hair dry by removing all the moisture content and natural oils from the scalp and hair.
  • Rinse off all the shampoo with cold water instead of hot water as cold water closes the cuticles to lock the moisture in the hair.

After Shampoo Apply Conditioner

Quite lot people miss out the conditioner after their hair wash which leads to dry hair. The shampoo leaves your cuticles rough which results in tangles. So it is vital to condition the hair after every single wash to seal the moisture and for a silky texture.

  • Remove all the excess water from the hair by twisting it gently or using a smooth towel as the conditioner gets diluted in the presence of water which won’t work.
  • Take some conditioner on your palm and apply it concentrating on middle and ends of the hair smoothly.
  • Avoid applying it to the scalp as the conditioner is only meant for hair but not scalp.
  • Leave the conditioner on your hair for at least 3 minutes and rinse off with cold water which seals the moisture content in the hair strands.
  • Drape the entire hair in a towel after your shower and make sure not to rub your hair which weakens your hair strands.

How To Wash Your Hair To Get Rid Of Dandruff

To get rid of dandruff you want to use any anti-dandruff shampoo which is free from harsh chemicals. It removes all the flakes and helps you to get dandruff free scalp.

  • Wet your hair thoroughly using lukewarm water after the removal of tangles of your hair.
  • Choose an anti-dandruff shampoo and take some of it and dilute it with little water and rub your scalp and hair slowly using your fingertips instead of nails.
  • Work out lather and rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  • Remove all the excess water and apply anti-dandruff conditioner to strands and hair ends.
  • Rinse it off with cold water after 3 minutes with cold water and pat dry using a smooth towel.
  • Hair Wash For Healthy Hair Growth

Shampoos made of keratin and antioxidants and conditioners are specially meant for healthy hair growth. They nourish your hair from top to roots and promote healthy hair growth.

There Are Some Best Was To Wash Your Hair Properly

1. Aloe Vera Gel With Shampoo

Aloe Vera has been used for healthy hair growth for many centuries due to its amazing benefits. It nourishes the hair with its vital nutrients and completely free from chemicals. You can use  Aloe Vera as a conditioner too. Grab fresh aloe Vera gel and mix it with your shampoo and apply it to your hair and continue the hair wash process.

Adding of Aloe Vera gel to your shampoo in every single wash helps you to get healthy voluminous hair naturally.

2. Hair Washing With Soap Nuts

Soap nuts are widely used in hair care products to promote healthy hair growth. They provide beneficial nutrients and fight against dandruff and removes impurities from your hair including the scalp. Let’s see how to wash the hair using soap nuts.

wash your hair

  • Take 15-20 soap nuts in a clean boiling bowl and add 6-7 cups of water to them.
  • Allow it to boil for about 10 minutes and let it get warm.
  • Strain the water using a strainer in a container.
  • Wet your hair completely and start washing your hair with that forming water lather for cleansing.
  • Gently massage all over your hair and rinse it off with cold water.
  • Apply conditioner after the removal of excess water from the hair for shiny and soft hair.

3. Apply Keratin Shampoo To Damaged Hair

Some shampoos and conditioner are specially made for healthy hair growth. Keratin is a vital vitamin needed by the hair for its growth. The shampoos loaded with keratin and antioxidants nourish your hair which promotes healthy hair growth. Wash your hair with keratin shampoo and apply keratin conditioner for your hair which helps you to get damage-free hair.

4. Castor Oil With Shampoo To Prevent Hair Fall

Castor oil is enriched with powerful anti-fungal properties which fight against the scalp fungal infections. It acts as a conditioner which removes the flakes and prevents hair fall. It helps to fix split ends by nourishing the hair.

washing hair everyday

  • Add 2 to 3 drops of castor oil to your shampoo and apply it on your hair.
  • Gently work out the lather all over your hair and rinse it off with cold water.
  • Condition your hair with a natural conditioner to seal the moisture.

5. Hair Washing By Shikakai For Voluminous Hair

Shikakai is an excellent natural herb which is hugely in hair care products to get healthy voluminous hair. It is widely used as a natural hair cleanser.
Let’s see how to wash hair merely using shikakai.

  • Take 10-15 shikakai seeds and 5-7 soap nuts and smash them gently.
  • Soak them in water and leave it for overnight.
  • Boil them together in a bowl by adding some water to them for 10-15 minutes.
  • Strain the water using a filter to extract the plain water.
  • Rinse your hair with that forming water lather like shampoo.
  • Finish it off by applying a natural conditioner for tangle free, silky hair.

Few Tips For Hair Wash

  1. Always choose the natural shampoos which are free from harsh surfactants and chemicals.
  2. Never use hot water for hair wash which weakens the hair roots.
    Make sure to detangle your hair before hair wash.
  3. Don’t skip the use of conditioner which leads to dryness of hair. Always condition your hair as hair needs moisture.
  4. Finish the rinsing with cold water which closes the cuticle by locking moisture and improves the blood circulation to the scalp.
  5. Avoid twisting the hair hardly which leads to hair fall.
  6. Skip the application of shampoo for the second time which removes the natural oil produced by the scalp.
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