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How To Lose Belly Fat In Easy Ways

A fatty belly can be an embarrassing thing and creates weird situations in these days due to excess consumption of fat causing foods an unhealthy diet. Are you one of the people who wants a flat tummy with a healthy body, then you can transform yourself into a better one by reducing the stubborn belly fat by following some natural remedies. Let’s know how to lose belly fat in a week through some home remedial measures.

Lemon Water

Lemon water is considered as best detox drink which can reduce the excess fat from the body and healthily provides flat stomach. It aids digestion and cleanses the digestive tract and body by flushing out the harmful toxins from the body. Intaking of this drink on a regular basis helps to improve metabolism and detox the body and enhances the functioning of the liver.

lemon water helps to reduce belly fat

How To Use:
  • Squeeze out the juice of a fresh lemon into a glass of warm water and mix it well by adding a teaspoon of raw honey. Consume it every morning to reduce the fat around the belly.
  • Regular consumption of this beneficial drink on an empty stomach helps to decreases the accumulated fat on the waistline.

Green Tea

Being rich in catches green tea acts as an effective fat burner and detoxifies the body. It aids digestion and improves metabolic rate and enhances the immunity of the body. Regular consumption of green tea without sugar and honey can help you to eliminate the excess fat around your stomach and waistline.

green tea helps to lose belly fat

  • Consumption of 2-3 cups of green tea without sugar can helps to lose belly fat within a few weeks and also provides healthy glowing skin.

Cumin Seeds

Being rich in detoxifying and purifying properties jeera helps to improve digestion and metabolism rate in the body. It purifies the blood and flushes out harmful toxins from the digestive tract and enhances liver functioning. The presence of vitamin-C, magnesium, potassium, and other beneficial nutrients in cumin seeds helps to improve immunity and reduces excess belly fat.

cumin seeds to lose weight naturally

How To Use:
  • Soak a tablespoon of cumin seeds in a glass of water overnight. Place the water along with seeds in a pan and heat it up for a few minutes on the next morning. Strain the water into a glass.
  • Squeeze out a fresh lemon in the water and mix it well by adding a teaspoon of raw honey to it. Consume it on a regular basis on an empty stomach for a couple of weeks to reduce belly fat.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is one of the healthiest spices on the planet with potent anti-oxidants and bioactive compounds. It detoxifies the stomach and body and avoids all stomach discomforts due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It improves the immunity, metabolism and reduces the bad cholesterol in the body and aid belly fat loss.

How To Use:
  • Grate a ginger root into small pieces and add few pieces to water and let them boil together for few minutes.
  • Strain the water and consume the ginger infused tea on a regular basis in morning and evening times.

Mint Leaves

Mint is a powerful herb which has been used widely due to its medicinal properties and potent anti-oxidants. The presence of phytonutrients, vitamin-C, D, E with decent amounts of calcium in it helps to improve the immunity and detoxifies the body. The anti-inflammatory properties in it aid weight loss and promote digestive health.

easy way to lose belly fat

How To Use:
  • Add 6-7 dried, or fresh mint leaves to a cup of water and boils them together for few minutes. Strain the water into a glass and mix it by adding a teaspoon of raw honey to it.
  • Consume it on a regular basis to improve digestion and to eliminate excess fat around the belly.
  • You can also consume mint juice which is an easy way to lose belly fat in a few weeks.

Basil Seeds

The high presence of essential fatty acids in basil seeds helps to lose belly fat in a simple natural way. They are associated with phytochemicals, polyphenols and beneficial flavonoids which serves different health gains. These seeds help to cleanse the stomach and digestive tract and aid digestion by improving bowel movements. It flushes the toxins out of the body and helps to lose belly fat naturally.

How To Use:
  • Add a tablespoon of basil seeds to a glass of warm water and soak them for 15-20 minutes. Consume them on a regular basis every morning to reduce the excess belly fat.
  • You can consume these seeds by adding them to any fruit juices or milkshakes.

Exercises Are an Easy Way To Lose Belly Fat

It is a proven fact that exercises can be shown the adorable result in weight loss by improving the physical and mental fitness of the body. Regular physical activities like yoga and workouts can help to achieve a healthy life without any complications. Let’s check out the various yoga poses and exercises to lose belly fat.

  1. Mountain pose ( starting pose to boost your body for a workout)
  2. One legged downward facing dog pose
  3. Cow Pose
  4. Camel Pose
  5. Cobra Pose
  6. Tree Pose
  7. Bow Pose
  8. Reverse table pose

Follow the above and below exercises with the best diet to lose belly fat in a faster natural way.

Mountain Climbers

  1. Start with a simple plank position on the ground with a straight body. Slowly bring your knee towards the chest and exhale and keep it back again by inhaling.
  2. Repeat the procedure with two knees one after for few minutes. Make sure to do not bend your lower and upper back.

You can practice the exercise by imagining that you are climbing a mountain. Practice this beneficial exercise to lose belly fat.

V-up Exercise

  1. Simply start by sitting on the floor by strengthening your legs and slowly lay down on your back by stretching your arms back.
  2. Lift the right leg up by exhaling and touch your toe with your hand as close as possible then lay down back by inhaling slowly.
  3. Now lift up the left leg by exhaling and touch your toe with your hand and lay down back again by inhaling.
  4. Repeat the steps for 4-5 times during the starting session. You can slowly improve the exercise by raising two legs up for the better experience.

These exercise improves digestion and helps to lose belly fat naturally. Repeat the steps on a regular basis to eliminate the excess fat on the waistline.

Seated Forward Bend Pose

  1. Start by sitting on a floor. Stretch your body towards your feet and hug your feet with your hands by exhaling. Stay for few seconds and increase the time to one minute after a few steps.
  2. Repeat the step by getting back to the first position. It is an easy way to lose belly fat as it improves the digestion and helps to reduce the fat on the waistline.

Boat Pose

  1. Lay down on your back by keeping your legs straight. Lift up your legs and body slowly by stretching your hands towards your sides of legs.
  2. Stay for 30 seconds in the position and relax by getting back to position.
  3. Repeat the steps and increase the holding time up to a minute for better benefits.

It improves the metabolism and bowel movements of the body and helps to lose belly fat rapidly.

Best Diet To Lose Belly Fat

A nutritious diet with less cholesterol can helps you to lead a healthy body with a flat stomach. Foods rich in omega fatty acids with reasonable calories help to lose belly fat by improving digestion and bowel movements of the body. Consumption of 5-6 liters of water per day can help to detoxify the body and enhances the functioning of major organs.

Healthy Breakfast

You can consume one bread omelet with a cup of green tea on a regular basis to lose belly fat naturally. Fresh fruit salads or carrot or orange juices can be taken at morning hours for the healthy body. Raagi malt is one of the healthy breakfasts and can work better to reduce appetite and aids weight loss.

  • Skip oily foods and high-calorie breakfasts with fats to reduce belly fat. Consumption of soaked almonds or fresh fruit salads can improve the metabolism of the body by enhancing immunity.


Being rich in dietary fibers, polyphenols and low in fats oats play a vital role in weight loss. The presence of potassium, calcium, magnesium with other potent compounds in it improves metabolism and aid digestion. It balances the blood sugar levels and also stimulates the digestive enzymes and helps to lose belly fat.

  • Add two tablespoons of oats to a cup of warm milk and consume it as a breakfast on a daily basis. You can also add fresh fruits slice to it for the healthy body.


Addition of green leafy vegetables and yogurt to your meal can help you stay healthy with a perfect body. Vegetables like cabbage, spinach, carrots, and broccoli can be an ideal choice to lose belly fat quickly. Foods with low calories and high dietary fibers can help you to lose weight and aids digestion.

  • Consume a half liter of water before an hour of lunch and after lunch for a clean and healthy digestive process. Tuna and salmon fish or beans can be a nutritional diet for weight loss.

Perfect Dinner

Consumption of light foods like chapattis and roti’s at night time can improve metabolism during night hours and helps to lose belly fat in a healthy natural way.

  • Avoid white rice on nights and replace them with oil-less chapattis with cabbage or any vegetable curry to own a flat tummy. Skip heavy meals after 8 ‘clock at night time for better sleep and digestion.
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