how to heal cracked feet overnight

How To Heal Cracked Feet Overnight

Cracked heels are one of the most annoying common skin conditions which occur due to lack of moisture, harsh medication, poor hygiene and genetic reasons etc…20% of American adults are facing this condition as per nutrition and foot health survey. You can get rid of cracked feet by following some home remedies and precautions. Let’s see how to heal cracked feet overnight.

Symptoms Of Cracked Feet

Inflammation of foot skin, dry skin, pain bleeding and irritation, forming of thick and brown skin around the feet are the prime symptoms of cracked feet. The outer layer of skin protects your feet and provides elasticity. Unfortunately, there are no oil glands to restore moisture like the rest of your skin. People with tiny cracks can get relief by simple lotions without much effort, rather if you have much pain you need to consult a doctor they will suggest you the best medicines to cure cracked feet. It leads to complicated situations if left untreated.
Should you know the causes of cracked feet? And how to get rid of cracked feet fast. I covered every aspect in this tutorial hope it will help you.

Cracked Feet Causes:

1. Improper care can cause cracked feet

You need to pay the same attention to your feet like the way you concentrate on your body and face. Poor hygiene of feet leads to a lack of moisture and can dry out the skin that prone to dry skin and cracks. If you neglect to wash your feet, then you are giving a chance to fungus and bacteria to grow which can lead to severe pain in your feet.

2. Eczema and Psoriasis can lead to Cracked Feet

Skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis can be a reason for dry, cracked heels which enhances bacterial and fungus growth when you neglect it. These two microbes combine and form a brown or yellow layer around your feet which creates severe irritation or bleeding.

3. Overtime Standing

Foots are designed to balance the body weight while a person is moving are standing, but which can’t effort to balance more weight for longer times. Overstanding for more extended periods can decrease the elasticity of your feet. The overextension of the foot layer leads to breakage when it subjected to overweight.

4. Detergent Bar Removes The Sensitive Skin

The high presence of dirt removable harsh chemicals in detergent bars affects your feet while you are washing your clothes without footwear. The quick penetration of harsh chemicals into underfoot skin layer, exploit the sensitive skin and leads to cracked feet.

5. Improper Footwear

Improper footwear is also one of the primary causes of cracked feet. High heels and hard synthetic footwear suppress the lower part of the feet by lifting heels. It gives excess pressure to your heels and results in foot cracks.

6. Winter Season

Winter is the season which contains insufficient moisture in the air. Cold weather can dry out the entire skin of your body and creates cracked heels and feet due to lack of moisture.

7. Uncleanable Socks

Regular usage of dirt socks encourages the growth of bacteria and fungus in the foot. They allow microbes to penetrate into feet skin cells and starts foot breakage.

8. Diabetes

Diabetes also one of the causes for cracked feet. Blood sugar levels can disturb the nerves and causes heel fissure.

Home Remedies For Cracked Feet

There are some proven home remedies to treat several skin conditions. Opting for traditional treatments can offer visible results with less effort. Let’s check out the powerful home remedies for cracked feet.

1. Ghee, Castor Oil, and Turmeric Powder Mask

how to get rid of cracked feet

The combination of these three ingredients can quickly cure cracked feet and can prevent other skin disorders.
Ghee is highly associated with essential omega fatty acids, cholesterol, vitamins and anti-bacterial properties which can help to prevent cracks around the feet. Along with castor oil and turmeric powder, it acts as a natural antiseptic agent and soothes the dry skin by moisturizing it.

  • 1tablespoon of pure ghee
  • 1tablespoon of turmeric powder
  • 1tablespoon of castor oil
How To Use:
  • Add a tablespoon of pure ghee and turmeric powder to a tablespoon of castor oil.
  • Blend them well together to attain a uniform mixture.
  • Wash your feet with salt mixed hot water and pat dry with a clean cotton cloth.
  • Apply the paste on affected areas and wear socks to cover your feet with it before going sleep.
  • Leave it overnight and rinse it off with lukewarm water on next day. Continue the remedy for at least 20 days to heal cracked feet profoundly.

2. Remove Dead Skin with Coconut Oil

The high presence of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidants helps to heal cracked feet and removes the dead skin on the feet thus skin forms a new layer on your feet.

  • 2tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Hot water and Salt
How To Use:
  • Apply coconut oil around your feet and gently massage for few minutes with the help of your fingertips.
  • Pour two-liters of hot water in a tub and add crystal salt to it. Place your feet in the warm water and soak them in the tub for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Then rub your feet gently with a pumice stone or cotton cloth to remove dead skin and impurities from the feet.
  • Continue this process for at least20 days to get rid of cracked feet fast.

3. Henna, Holy Basil And Aloe Vera To Get Rid Of Cracked Feet

Aloe vera plays an excellent role in skin care as it is fully loaded with essential properties such as minerals, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidants which are the required aliments for foot health. Holy basil is an excellent traditional herb and proved for eczema treatment. The combination of holy basil, aloe vera and henna is a highly recommendable remedy for cracked feet.

how to get rid of dry skin on feet

  • Henna leaves or paste
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Holy basil leaves
How To Use:
  • Add a tablespoon of henna paste, aloe vera gel to two tablespoons of holy basil paste.
  • Mix them well together to get a constant mixture and apply on affected areas.
  • It can heal cracked feet when it is left on heels overnight.

4. Sandalwood, Milk And Honey Mask

Being rich in skin soothing properties, antiseptic, and antioxidants sandalwood provides healthy skin and prevents several fungal infections. Raw milk is enriched with vital proteins and vitamins which can nourish the skin. The presence of anti-bacterial and antioxidants in honey can remove dead skin and dirt around your feet. The combination of these two ingredients helps to heal your cracked feet in a rapid natural way.

home remedies for cracked feet

  • Sandalwood and milk
How To Use:
  • Add a tablespoon of sandalwood powder to a tablespoon of milk and honey in a clean bowl.
  • Mix them well together thoroughly to form a uniform mixture.
  • Rinse your feet with hot salt water and pat dry with a clean cotton cloth.
  • Cover your feet with clean and fresh socks after the application of the mixture to your feet and leave it overnight.

5. Lemon And Salt Scrub

Ascorbic acid in lemon and vitamin-c in lemon helps to nourish the foot skin and salt acts as a dead skin remover. The presence of potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in lemon and salt can prevent fungal infections. Moreover, the application of fresh lemon juice to your feet keeps them soft and wrinkle-free.

cracked feet causes

  • Lemon and salt
  • Hot water
How To Use:
  • Squeeze a fresh lemon in a cup and add a tablespoon of salt to it.
  • Mix them well and apply it to your feet and massage for few minutes with fingertips.

6. How to Get Rid Of Cracked Heels With Vinegar

We can use apple cider vinegar as a homemade foot mask to treat cracked feet. It has multipurpose benefits; beauticians use to remove dead skin on the face and to balance the PH level due to alpha hydroxyl acid in it. Apple cider vinegar keeps your skin hydrated and enhances the formation of new skin cells by shedding dead cells. Moreover, it is highly recommended by many people to prevent several skin ailments.

How to get rid of cracked heels with vinegar

  •  Vinegar and hot water
How To use:
  • Add sufficient warm water in a basin and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to it.
  • Place your feet in the basin and soak your feet in the warm water for at least 25 minutes.
  • Rub your feet with pumice stone or scrubber to remove dead skin around the cracked areas.
  • You can use this homemade foot soak mask thrice in a week to relieve pain and cracked feet.

7. Ripe Banana Foot Mask

Banana acts as a natural moisturizer due to the presence of potassium, vitamins such as A and C and protects the skin from dryness and improves collagen. As well lectin in it helps to prevent the bacterial and fungal infections and amino acids in it enhance the elasticity of the skin.

banana foot mask for cracked feet

  • Ripe Banana
  • Hot salt water
How To Use:
  • Wash your feet with warm water and pat dry with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Apply the banana paste on affected areas and cover your feet with clean socks and let it overnight.
  • Continue this remedy twice a week to get rid of cracked feet.

8. Butter And Wild Indigo

People who suffer from eczema, psoriasis and cracked heels can prefer this remedy to soothe the irritated skin; the presence of vitamins in butter can improve the production of collagen and enhances new skin cells by its profound moisturizing effect. Wild indigo is associated with powerful Antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties which helps to prevent several skin ailments. The combination of these two ingredients helps to get rid of cracked feet and provide softness to your feet.

  • Butter and Wild Indigo
How To Use:
  • Wash your feet with salt water and clean it with a pumice stone.
  • Grind some wild indigo leaves with 2tablespoons of butter into a fine mixture.
  • Mix them well and apply to your feet and let it overnight. Continue the remedy twice in a week to get rid of cracked feet in a faster way.

9. Homemade Foot Soak For Dry Skin

homemade foot soak

  • Hot water and Salt
  • Pumice Stone

We can make a homemade foot soak for dry skin which is cost-free and with less effort. Rock salt can kill fungus and bacteria through its anti-bacterial properties. Add 4 to 5 tablespoons of salt in a basin and soak your feet in it for 25 to 30 minutes and pat your feet dry with a cotton cloth. Then apply moisturizer and cover your feet with socks overnight. Clear your feet with a pumice stone after wakeup. Repeat the remedy thrice in a week to get rid of dry, cracked heels.

10. Vaseline for Dry Cracked Feet

Vaseline prevents dryness of feet and moisturizes the skin. People who struggle with painful cracked feet especially in winter season Vaseline can be a better option. If you have cracked heels associated with severe pain, you need to take one additional step to treat them. The combination of Vaseline, Turmeric powder, lemon juice is the most recommended choices for it.

  • Vaseline
  • Turmeric powder or lemon juice
How To Prepare:
  • Rinse your feet with hot water and pat your skin dry with a cotton cloth.
  • Add a tablespoon of turmeric powder or lemon juice to a tablespoon of Vaseline and mix them well to form a uniform mixture.
  • Apply it all around your feet and cover them by wearing socks to prevent air.
  • Leave it overnight and clean with a pumice stone on next morning to get rid of dry, cracked heels.

11. Olive Oil

Olive oil is also an excellent ingredient to heal cracked feet. It is fully loaded with essential vitamins and anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. These medicinal properties prevent anti-fungal infections and nourish the skin internally. Moreover, it removes dead skin and supports the formation of new skin cells.

  •  Olive oil
How To Use:
  • Wash your feet with lukewarm water and apply two tablespoons of olive oil to your dry feet and heels.
  • Massage for five minutes and leave it overnight to get rid of cracked heels.

12. Simple Ways To Prevent Cracked Heels

Application of moisturizing lotions to your feet on a regular basis can help to prevent cracked heels. Creams are fully loaded with essential nutrients with anti-fungal properties which keep your skin healthy from fungal infections and help to lock the moisture in your feet.

Prevention Methods Of Cracked Feet

  1. Choose proper shoes and sandals which can lock the moisture and protect your heels.
  2. Consume excess water to keep your body hydrated.
  3. Add leafy greens to your regular diet which possesses ant-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
  4. Wash Your Feet with Saltwater thrice in a week to avoid several fungal infections.
  5. Massage your feet with natural oils thrice in a week to prevent cracked and dry feet.
  6. You can consult a doctor if you are not cured with home remedies for better results.
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