How apply eyeshadow

How To Apply Eyeshadow For Blue, Black and Red Eyes

It is a beauty product which beautifies your eyes by adding different colors of shadows to the eyelids (crease). Eyeshadows are available in various colors and shades which are lighter and darker to make beautiful eyes. They transform your dull eyes into bright eyes. Let’s learn how to apply eyeshadow perfectly in an easy way.

What Required For Eyeshadow Makeup

  • Moisturizer (gives clear and clean skin for makeup)
  • Primer or concealer (removes dark circles around the eye)
  • Eyeshadows with a fluffy brush
  • Eyeliner with an angular brush
  • Mascara (waterproof for long lasting)
  • False eyelashes (lengthy for small eyes)

While applying makeup, getting a right technique to apply eyeshadows can be a bit difficult for beginners. But no worry, here are some tips which show you the details that how to apply eyeshadows in easy ways. Let’s see the makeup tips for applying eyeshadow.

How To Apply  Eyeshadow Perfectly Step By Step

  1. Moisturizing your face is must to have healthy skin, and it will also protect you from the chemicals used in the makeup ingredients. As well helps your make up look better and pleasant.
  2. After you have done with moisturization, apply a primer on your eyelids for long-lasting makeup and to remove the dark circles around the eye.
  3. Now choose your eyeshadow and start applying it with a fluffy brush into the crease of the inner corner of the eye.
  4. Damp the brush lightly without soaking it thoroughly. It helps to spread the eyeshadow smoothly and flawlessly.
  5. Make sure to use a precision shadow brush to apply the pigment and blend it with a blending brush. You can differentiate one from another because the precision brush is short and the blending is longer and malleable.
  6. Apply the lid color with the precision brush from the inner side corner of the eye to the outside corner. Give it little pat instead of rubbing, so the powdered color adheres better to the lid.
  7. Now start dusting the eyeshadow in the middle of your eyelid (crease). It can be applied by two brushes; the precision to apply it and the blender to spread it from the outside towards the inside, or you can use a darker shadow in the outer corner.
  8. Brighten the end space below the eyebrow using a highlighter with a precision brush slowly.
  9. Line the upper and inner lash lines with eyeliner gently and smudge it.
  10. End up with applying mascara by curling up the eyelashes with a curler.

How To Apply Eyeliner Properly

  • You can choose a pencil or liquid eyeliner, and even eyeshadow to line your eyes. The difference between using one or the other is that the pencil will make your eye makeup look softer while the liquid will make it sharper.
  • Use your preferred eyeliner and start lining as close to your upper lash line as possible from the inside corner of the eye to the outside with smooth strokes evenly.
  • Repeat the same on your bottom waterline slowly.
  • If you want to be bolder, then try a cat eyeliner look. Apply the liquid eyeliner from the outside to the inside drawing an angled line. You can fill it later, the most crucial part of this is to draw the line and set the angle.

Your eye makeup is incomplete without mascara. Hold it under the top lashes and move it upwards. Shake the mascara from side to side to avoid the lashes to get stick to each other, and do the same with the bottom lashes.

Eyeshadows for different eyes

There are different types of eyes like blue, red and black eyes. The eyeshadow makeup differs for different eyes based on their skin colors and eye colors. Let’s learn the makeup tips for eyeshadows for different color eyes and how to apply eyeshadow perfectly in a few simple steps.

Eyeshadows For Blue Eyes In Simple Ways

If you have beautiful pearly blue eyes and wish to make them more attractive, then follow these simple steps using eyeshadows. Let’s see how to apply eyeshadows to blue eyes.

how to apply eyeshadows for blue eyes

  1. Start applying a primer all around your eye to remove darkness and to create a smooth surface for eye shadow makeup with your finger.
  2. Choose copper brown color eyeshadow and dust it on your eyelid with a fluffy brush on your crease and outer corner blending it out.
  3. Apply dark eyeshadow color slightly on your outer corner in a circular motion with a smooth brush.
  4. Smudge it lightly to create a smoky eye look by using a soft brush.
  5. You can choose a golden color shadow if you wish to look elegant.
    Take a liner and line it over your upper lash line holding it as much as close to a wing.
  6. Do the same on the waterline of your eye smoothly.
    End up with applying mascara (waterproof) for long eyelashes.

Eyeshadows For Black Eyes

The makeup for beautiful black eyes can be done by transforming it into the golden smoky eye to make them looks more attractive with eyeshadows. Let’s see now how to apply eyeshadow perfectly to black eyes.

How to apply eyeshadow perfectly for blue eyes and black eyes

  1. Conceal the area around the eye with an eye concealer for smooth skin and long-lasting eyeshadows.
  2. Select the dark eyeshadow color which suits your skin color and dust it with a fluffy brush smoothly into the crease.
  3. Apply golden color eyeshadow evenly in a circular motion with a soft brush gently over the outer eyelid. You can add glitters to the bright eye.
  4. Start lining both lash lines by using eyeliner by holding the liner closer to the lash line with an angular brush winging out in an upward direction following lower lash line.
  5. Smudge it with a smooth brush and end up with mascara.

Eyeshadows For Red Eyes In Easy Ways

Are you feeling sad about having red eyes? No problem there is a way to make your red eyes look fantastic with eye shadow makeup. Let’s learn how to apply eyeshadow to red eyes correctly with brown shaded glitter eyeshadows.

how to apply eyeshadow for red eyes

  1. Prime your eyelids using a primer for soft texture of eyelids for long-lasting shadows.
  2. Blend the soft brown shade in the crease of your eyelid using smooth blending brush.
  3. Darken up the crease by applying brown shade in your crease well by flat brush.
  4. Grab queen color shade and shade it over the outer crease with a flat brush gently.
  5. Take golden rose glitter by mixing medium gel and apply a thin layer of eyelid softly.
  6. Use makeup precision brush to blend all the shade evenly and smudge it softly.
  7. Apply eyeliner on your both lash lines with a wing with an angular brush.
  8. Use long false eyelashes followed by mascara and blend the eyeliner with the help of a fluffy brush.
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