home remedies for itching in private parts

Home Remedies For Itching In Private Parts

Itching in private parts makes you uncomfortable, frustrate, along with irritation. It is a most common problem in women when compared with men. I will show you some home remedies for itching in private parts through this article. Before getting into the topic, you should know the causes and symptoms of it.

Accumulation of irritating substances at genital region causes to itching. However, it is not in all cases, while other times infections may be responsible for itchiness. If you notice white colored discharge and lousy odor that may be signs of vaginal infections. It’s better to contact your doctor if that itching persists more than 7days.

Causes of Itching In Private Parts

It depends on several reasons such as health-related underlying issues, skin conditions. Most of the time fungus overgrowth induces itching in private parts. Body lotions, soaps, sprays can be causes for itching in the genital region due to its irritating substances.

Skin Conditions

Since eczema, scabies and psoriasis are infectious diseases that can spread over the body including genital areas which result in itchy and scaly rashes. This type of outbreaks can trigger intense itchy along with burning sensation. It is not a severe condition, can be reduced by over the counter medications or home remedies.

Underlying Causes Of Itching In Private Areas

A person with diabetes or asthma is prone to itching in the genital areas, which weakens the immune system, causes itchy rashes. Call your doctor, if you are suffering from underlying causes. They will collect some samples cells to send microscopic examination that helps to determine the causes of itching.

Yeast Infection And Bacterial Vaginosis

Vaginal yeast infection is caused by the fungi called Candida Albicans, is already exists in the vagina. Good bacteria keeps its overgrowth in check, but the imbalance between good and bad bacteria in the vagina causes yeast infection which induces intense pain, itching with discharge.

It may occur after use of antibiotics which kills bad and good bacteria in the vagina that can cause to fungus overgrowth. Usually, the symptoms of vaginal include white colored discharge, bad odor, inflammation of vulva along with burning sensation. However, it is also not a severe problem you can try home remedies to treat vaginal yeast infection.

Avoid Chemicals

The presence of irritating substances in soap, sprays affects vaginal lips, which result in intense itching and makes you uncomfortable.
To reduce itching that caused by soap or sprays, apply coconut oil or olive to affected areas and leave it overnight. You can use this remedy daily to protect your private parts away from irritants.

Menopause Stage Can Trigger Itchy

Whose go through menopause or already done it, may experience itchiness due to the lack of estrogen production that makes excessive dryness in the vagina, causes itchy and uncomfortable. Call your doctor they will prescribe better medications to reduce itching in private parts.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Unprotected sexual intercourse can cause vaginal itching. If you come into contact with someone else have bacterial or fungal infections, you have more chances to will have.

Stress Can be Causes To Itching In Private Parts

Sometimes stress and anxiety can causes to itching in private parts. The stress can weaken the immune system that causes rashes forms around the private parts.

Poor Hygiene Triggers Itching In Private Parts

Sweat and accumulation of dirt at genital region can be caused to itchy. If left unclean, it leads further complications such as eczema and psoriasis.

Vulva Cancer

Vulva cancer also one of the causes for genital area itching that forms inside the vulva. It can be successfully treated in the mild stage. If you experience itchy more than 7days, call your doctor to determine the cause of itching.

Home Remedies For Itching In Private Parts

You can use home remedies for itching in private parts, which effectively reduce itching and makes comfortable due to the presence of antimicrobial properties.

1. Salt Water To Reduce Itching Private Parts

Medicine for itching in private parts

Salt is a natural antiseptic agent, is effectively prevent bacterial and fungus growth. Clean your genital areas with salt water daily two times and pat dry with a cotton cloth.

2. Triphala Churna Genital Area Itching

It is also one of the best home remedies for itching in private parts. Triphala Churna is long has been used to treat bacterial and fungal infections. It enriched with antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which it effectively cleans the genital areas and protects from further complications.

  • Add a tablespoon of Triphala Churna in a cup of lukewarm water and wash your genital region with it for twice a day.

3. Turmeric To Clean Genital Region

itching in private parts male

Turmeric is also an antiseptic agent, is uses to treat skin and hair related problems, while sometimes it can be appealed to wounds and small cuts to heal them. The presence of antimicrobial properties in it may reduce bacterial causing itching. Also, it removes the bad odor of the affected area.

  • Wash your genital areas daily two times with turmeric water and pat dry with a cotton cloth to prevent recurrence of bacterial and fungal infections.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar plays a vital role in skin condition treatment, the primary component in it called acetic acid acts as an antifungal agent, hence, it is recommended to treat bacterial infections.

  • Add two tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of lukewarm water and wash affected areas with it for daily twice.

5. Tea tree oil

home remedies for itching in private parts female

Tea tree oil has antifungal abilities which can effectively treat vaginal infections and prevents fungal growth in the vagina.

Add carrier oils such as olive oil to tea tree oil to stabilize the density of tea tree oil while applying genital areas — moreover, this oil to reduce inflammation and irritation.

6. Holy Basil

The presence of antifungal abilities along with other medicinal values are in it enhances your immune system and protect you from harmful viral and bacterial attacks. Also, regular consumption of holy basil can purify your blood.

  • Consume 10 to 15 holy basil leaves in the morning of the day to avoid itching and uncomfortable feelings.

7. Add Probiotics

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Yogurt is an excellent probiotic due to the presence of Lactobacillus Acidophilus live bacteria, is not reduce yeast infection, but in check the overgrowth of fungus that causes itchy.

Precautions To Avoid Itching In Private Parts

  • Wear clean undergarments and wash them every day.
  • Do not use scented toilet paper that contains irritating substances which may trigger itchy.
  • Clean your genital areas with herbal soapy water to keep clean and healthy.
  • Bath daily two times to remove accumulated impurities around the genital areas.
  • Do not contact with someone else that who has already itching in the private parts.
  • Use condoms while you are in sexual intercourse.
  • Add probiotics to your daily diet that improves good bacteria levels in the vagina.
  • Add leafy greens in your diet to enhance the immune system.
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