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How to Do Eye Makeup With Pictures And Explanation

The first impression is the best impression. Impression on any person will be dependent mainly on physical appearance. The uniqueness of a person will be shown by his costumes along with perfect makeup which suits them.
Mainly females are much concerned about their looks. Their looks get elevated by primarily highlighting the beauty that they have its done by the perfect makeover that suits them While knowing about makeup, the first concept involved in them is eye makeup.

Eyes are the part of our face which attracts the attention of the other people on to us. I suggest you few tricks and procedure for how to do eye makeup that amplifies your eyes. The main components that we use for either regular or party makeup are similar. All that you need to understand is the way use them and apply them is different.

Components Of Eye Makeup

  • Primer
  • Concealer
  • Compact
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow
  • Kajal
  • Curler
  • Mascara
  •  Eyebrow Pencil

Applying eye makeover is very simple all you need is bit passion about it and interest while applying.
Before starting any makeup, one needs to wash your face with water and maintain it cleanly.

1. Premier Is Essential For Eye Makeup Tips

The fundamental component that makes makeup to stay for the more extended period. Good quality waterproof primer is suggested to achieve better results.
You need to take primer and apply on eyelids with the help of sponge brush, or else you can use your fingertips.
See that you apply evenly to your eyelids. It is an essential ingredient in eye makeup tips

2. Eye Makeup With Concealer

Eye Makeup TipsConcealer helps to cover all the dark spots on face, especially since it works on dark circles to cover them around eyes. Take a tincture of concealer and apply where ever you feel dark patches available. Apply until skin is felt evenly colored.

3 Compact Brightens The Skin

How To Do Eye Makeup With Campact

The primer and concealer help to eye makeup to stay longer with even color. The compact adds beauty to the above-done procedure by covering the primer and concealer along with brightening the skin. It giveness smoothness to the applied makeup.

4 Eyeliner Makes Beautiful Look

How to use eyeliner in eye makeup

The boldness of the eye is formed only after applying perfect eyeliner to it. Take eyeliner with a thin brush in case you are a novice in eye makeup tips. Slowly apply that liner on the front of eyelid close to eyelashes after this, make sure that eyeliner from inside corner of the eye to outside of the eye. Start with a single stroke in case if one need thick eyeliner you can move with more strokes of eye lining by maintaining the coinciding with the previous eyeliner stroke.

5 Eyeshadow Provides Complexion

Eye shadow in makeup tips

The eyeshadow gives a bright look to eyelids. You can choose any two shades of your choice which suits your skin texture. If one is of dark complexion, they need to choose dark colors as a base color and light color for brightening their eyelid. One of glowing complexion they can prefer light color as their base color and another dark color for brightening their makeover.

One need to choose their base color for applying entirely on the eyelids. After evenly spreading on the eyelid, then they need to color for making their eyes smoky. Take eyeshadow brushes with thick hair to make the brightening color to appear smoky. As per ones tastes like matching to their costumes and the situation that they are getting ready the eyeshadow color preferences changes.

6. Eye Makeup With Kajal

The art of eye makeover is applying Kajal I sensibly suggest you prefer the Kajal that stays for 24hours and smudges free and in sketch mode. Take the Kajal stick and apply the strokes as per your convenience from inside the eyelid at bottom side to the outside of it. You can apply three to four strikes in order eyes to get pretty looks.

7 Curler

Many of the people do not know that how to do eye makeup with the curler, it is an instrument that blends your eyelashes into a curly shape which is helpful in applying mascara in perfect condition. Take the curler and place your eyelids on the eye curler blender and press the strand of the curler. Use curler but not regularly as it affects the strength of your eyelids.

8 Mascara

Mascara is one of the excellent ingredients in eye makeup tips. I suggest one use gel-based mascara as it helps to prevent the spreading of around the eyes. Take it and apply gently on eyelashes from a bottom side of eyelashes to outside of it.

9 Eyebrow

how to do eye makeup

Eyebrow enhances the beauty of the eye makeup done til the above step to appear the eyebrow in proper shape and line. We need eyebrow pencil for the darkening of eyebrows.

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