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Eye Makeup For Big Eyes That Make Your Eyes Beautiful

Having beautiful big eyes is quite good to look pretty. To make your looks bigger don’t need to spend much money. You can transform your large eyes into cute tiny eyes by simple eye makeup. Here are some simple eye makeup tips for big eyes to make them look smaller and prettier.  Aswell you can apply beautiful makeup for big eyes with eyeliner and eyeshadow which play a vital role in big eyes makeup.

1. Eye Makeup For Big Eyes Look Smaller

Let’s see the procedure of eye makeup for big eyes by following easy steps.

  • Conceal your eyes with a smooth concealer evenly all around your eyes to remove dark circles with a smooth precision brush.
  • Spread the concealer around the eye covering eyelids, inner and outer corners of the eye.
  • Soften it up applying it into the crease of the eye slowly.
  • Highlight the eyelid by eyeshadow which matches with your skin color by a fluffy brush.
    To make big eyes look smaller dust a dark eyeshadow with a fluffy brush gently on your eyelids.
  • Dark eyeshadows make eyes look smaller and beautiful.
  • Apply dark eyeliner on your upper lash line making thin line evenly.
  • To make small eye look avoid wing.
  • Line the waterline of your eyes with eyeliner slowly which gives the illusion of small eyes.
  • Don’t use false eyelashes which make eyes to look more extensive and more extended.
  • Use shorten eyelashes Instead of lengthening eyelashes for a small eye look.
  • Curl the eyelashes and apply light mascara to small bright eyes.

2. Eyebrows Shaping For Big Eyes Makeup

You should know some essential techniques while you are applying eye makeup for big eyes. The eyebrow plays a crucial part in the big eyes makeup. It can change the look of your face instantly. A perfect trimmed and thick eyebrow gives you a graceful look by enhancing your face. Shaping your eyebrows to the perfection is necessary for gorgeous eyes. It is a tricky thing for beginners to get a perfect brow. Let’s learn how to get an ideal brow easily.

Eye makeup for big eyes makeup

  • Start by brushing your eyebrows hair with a brush to spread them evenly over the brow area.
  • Pluck the extra little underneath the brow slowly with a plucker.
  • Mark a starting point of your brow by following the corner of the nose.
  • Take the tip of your nose as a guideline and mark the peak point of the brow with a brush.
  • The endpoint can be made by following the nostril line to the outer edge of the eye.
  • Underline your brows by an eyeshade with a pointed tip of the brush.
  • Apply the brow powder evenly by filling them to get thick brows.
  • Define the edges with a thin eyebrow pencil to make them super clean.
  • Finish it up by highlighting the underneath portion of the brow with an eyeshade.

3. Eyeliner For Big Eyes Makeup In Easy Way

Liner’s creation is most important in eye makeup for big eyes because it changes visual difference of the face. And it is necessary to conceal your eyes before applying the eyeliner for smooth texture of the skin.

  • Use a gel or pencil eyeliner for big eyes lashlines for perfectly thick and sharp even lines.
  • Line the lower waterline of your eye with the liner to make your eye looks smaller.
  • Avoid smudging the liner above the upper lash line.
  • Maintain even thickness all over the lashline for a better look.
  • Don’t take much content of the liner which leads to smudge and make your eyes look even bigger.
  • Use a brush with a pointed tip for the smooth and sharp lining of the eye.

4. Eyeshadow For Big Eyes Makeup

To get an expressive eye, it should be free from dark circles and puffiness under the eye. Eyeshades enhance them by turning the normal eyes into pleasing eyes. Proper blending of the shades gives a fantastic look to our eye. Let’s see how to blend the eyeshades on your lids correctly in the following steps.

  • Select a natural light shade and dust it on your eyelid after priming your eyes.
  • Blend it over the eye from the inner corner to the contour of your eye with a smooth brush.
  • Apply a dark shade on the lid and into the crease of your eye blending it smoothly.
  • Highlight the brow bone with the shade to create brow shape.
  • Soften the shades into the socket of the eye with a blending brush.
  • Shimmer shades can give you shiny bright eyes by blending them on the eyelid.

5. Smokey Eye Crease Makeup Tips For Big Eyes

To make your big expressive eyes into beautiful and pleasing eyes try the shiny Smokey eye makeup by following steps.

eye makeup for smoky eyes

  • Start by highlighting the brow bone with an eye pencil and blend it out with a precision brush.
  • Dust an intense black eyeshade and create a crease line with a sharp precision brush and apply a lighter shade above the crease to highlight it.
  • Blend the black shade on the crease to make it sharper. Apply a dark color on your eyelid and soften it up with a flat shaded fluffy brush.
  • Blend it out uniformly all over the eyelid from inner corner to the outer edge to get sharp contour or crease.
  • Take a shimmer or gel glitter and apply it on the eyelid with a light damped brush for smooth application and blend the glitter shade evenly.
  • Finish it up by applying thick black mascara for long lengthy curled eyelashes.

6. Eye Makeup Tips For Prominent Eyes

The prominent eye is another familiar shape of an eye. It can be turned into a beautiful eye by turning it into a Smokey eye. Here are the easy ways of makeup for the prominent eye.

prominent eyes

  • Apply the primer all over the lid to flatten the surface evenly.
  • Take a blending brush and start blending into the crease and around the eyes.
  • Take black gel eyeliner and line it over the upper lash line evenly.
  • Smudge the liner with a soft brush to get a smoky eye and smudged eye.
  • Use lengthening eyelashes followed by mascara.

7. Makeup Tips For Hooded Eyes

It is a shape of the eye which hides the crease or mobile lid when eyes are opened. It is very tricky to do eye makeup with hooded eyes. Here are some simple tips that show you how to make over the hooded eyes by establishing a crease.
Things needed for hooded eye make up
a) Matte eyeshadows
b) Brow Gel
c) Eye Pencil
d) Mascara

How to apply eye makeup for hooded eyes and upturned eyes

  • Groom the brows are filling the gaps by a brow gel with a smooth brow brush and highlight the brow bone.
  • Startup by contouring the nose apply dark matt brown eyeshadows on outside corners and blend it smoothly.
  • Dust a lighter shade on your outer lid and feather it upwards evenly.
  • Mark your crease with a darker shade by a fine brush and blend it off well.
  • Blend the lower lash line with black or brown eyeshadow.
  • Tight line both lash lines with an eye pencil and blend the outside corner of lower lash line with black eyeshadow slowly.
  • Finish up applying mascara to your curled lashes to open up your hooded eyes.

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