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Best Natural Sleep Aid That Improves Duration Of Sleep

Good sleep helps you to get a healthy life, minimizing tensions, and improves your thinking ability. Around the world, nearly 30% of the people suffer from insufficient sleep. I will let you know some best natural sleep aids which were proven by studies and people. You should know the causes and signs of insomnia before getting into the topic.

Causes Of Insufficient Sleep

Consumption of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, late-night parties, and processed foods are inducing anxiety, depression which results in insomnia.

Signs Of Insomnia

Reductions of sleep duration, waking at midnight, taking hours of time to fall asleep are the symptoms of insomnia.

1. Melatonin Is A Best Natural Sleep Aid

According to a study, Melatonin is a natural hormone that is produced by a pineal gland in your brain, and it helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. A little amount of melatonin can improve quality of sleep and duration.

However, it is not proven in all situations to get a quick sleep and improvement of duration while some other studies have shown that lower consumption of melatonin improves the quality of sleep along with minimal side effects.

It is available as an over the counter sleep medicine in the United States, but you need a prescription to purchase it in Canada, Europe.

2. You Can Consider Valerian As Best Natural Sleep Aid

Valerian is best natural sleep aid

Valerian is a plant that available in all seasons. According to some studies, their anxiolytic effects improve quality, quality of sleep, but there is no proper evidence on how it works in better sleeping.

Other hands, some studies stated that taking its root extract can reduce anxiety and depression. There is also no proper evidence to prove that it works. Some countries approved it to sell a dietary supplement in the form of capsules.

According to another study, taking of a few milligrams of valerian reduced time spent before sleep in individuals, but some people reported that is not effective for a long time.

Side effects:
Overconsumption of valerian can lead to nerve system depression along with other side effects so, call your doctor before it is taken orally.

Summary of Valerian:
Valerian may improve quality of sleep and period of sleep duration but has its side effects also.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the essential elements of the human body. We are taking it in the form of vegetables which helps to maintain thousands of functions in the body.

According to some studies, magnesium can regulate the melatonin hormone function, and intake of magnesium improves brain and heart health.

Note: Some drugs also contain magnesium, but that leads to side effects due to the presence of other chemical components. Do not take magnesium in the form capsules without doctor prescription.

4. Lavender Oil Is Best Natural Sleep Aid

lavender oil is best natural sleep aid

It is the most famous oil; everyone used it at some point in their life. It can be used in many ways to treat different disorders and infections due to its soothing properties.

It works better in insomnia treatment. Some people reported that even smell of lavender oil improved quality of sleep who suffers from the lower stage of insomnia.

Note: Frequent smelling of lavender can lead to side effects, so use it on the advice of a therapist.

5. Adenosine

It is a chemical that’s found in many ingredients and also available in the form of capsules. According to a study the presence of marijuana, delta- 9 tetrahydrocannabinol induce deep sleep, but the taking of it orally can lead to chest pain and other disorders, so do not use it without doctor prescription.

Note: Call your doctor before using such medication to get a quality of sleep.

6. Self Medication Is Not Proper Way For Better Sleep.

Some people are into self-medication to overcome insomnia, which is not a proper way because the corresponding capsules have harsh chemicals that can lead to another stage of side effects and cause to depression, grogginess.

7. Chamomile Is The Best Natural Sleep Aid

consider chamomile as sleep aid

There is no scientific evidence to prove it for humans sleep, but it has been tested on animals for better sleep. Its infusion widely uses to treat several types of disorders due to the presence of high-quality medicinal values.

According to a study, chamomile has anti-anxiety properties which may help to get good sleep. You can purchase it at any store throughout the world.

8. Passion Flower Tea Acts As A Natural Sleep Aid

Some reaches revealed that passion flower tea effectively treats insomnia due to its high content of medicinal properties. However, there is no specific evidence on how it treats insomnia.

Note: Regular consumption of passion flower tea can lead to side effects.

9. Call Your Doctor

If you have experienced insufficient sleep for the first time contact your doctor, they will investigate your habits, daily diets, and sleep duration to diagnose your problem. The doctor may suggest you better things and dietary changes. During other times they can give you a few tips and exercises that will help fall asleep quickly and improve the quality of sleep and duration.

10.Why You Need Exercises

Physical activities can improve the quality of sleep. Workouts can regulate hundreds of hormonal functions, depression, and anxiety. It improves your metabolism, enhances digestion.

If you do just 30 minutes workouts at morning or evening times helps in the production of melatonin and relaxes your brain.

Precaution For Make Better Your Sleep

  1. Avoid sound pollution and stop putting earphones into your ears.
  2. Complete your dinner before 2 hours to bedtime that will help in ease digestion.
  3. Open all the windows of your room to get natural air from the nature that will provide a peaceful sleep.
  4. Do not go for late night parties and avoid alcohol consumptions to reduce insomnia.
  5. Turn off your bedroom lamps and inhale a deep breath and leave slowly to relax your mind.
    Follow a proper timetable for sleep and to wake up which results in the regulation of hormones.
  6. Do some physical workouts to relax your body and brain, and also meditation is best for healthy sleep.
  7. Do not go for self-medication that can lead to other side effects like hangover, headache, and dullness.
  8. Avoid regular tea and coffee in the evening times which act as a catalyst in disturbing your sleep.
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