benefits of lavender oil for skin and hair

Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

Lavender essential oil is multipurpose healing oil which is extracted from the lavender plant through steam distillation. It has been used for centuries as a skin purifier and as bath oil due to its antidepressant properties. This oil acts a natural disinfectant and protects our body from several disorders due to its high healing capability. It is widely used as an essential oil in aromatherapy and numerous skin and hair care products due to its versatile properties.

The following are some of the health benefits of lavender oil for skin, hair and other applications.

Incredible Benefits of lavender oil for skin

Bath oil

Lavender essential oil is widely used as a bath oil for deep relaxation of the body. Its disinfecting properties protect our body from different infections. It refreshes the skin and acts as a skin purifier. It acts as an insect repellent and prevents bug bites.

  • Add few drops of lavender oil to your bathtub or water while bathing.
  • It reduces body pains and causes deep sleep when it is included in night bath.
  • You can rub few drops of it under your arms for its excellent sweet aroma flavor.

Prevents Pimples, Chapped Lips

The benefits of lavender oil for skin are innumerable due to its versatile healing properties. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of it eliminate the acne and pimples by fighting against bacteria. It creates a protective layer on the skin and reduces the skin disorders. The application of it on lips moisturizes and also prevents dry skin when it is affected in dry areas.

  • Apply a little amount of lavender oil on acne scars and dark spots using a cotton bud, or you can apply it all over your face by mixing it with your moisturizer.
  • Make sure to do a patch test before applying lavender essential oil on your skin. The people with sensitive skin can avail all the benefits of lavender oil for skin by mixing it with base oil.

Fight Against Wrinkles And Fine Lines

The versatile properties of lavender oil help to reduce wrinkles and delay the process of aging. It acts as a natural moisturizer for skin and nourishes it with its vital consistent.

  • Mix 2-3 drops of lavender oil to your facial moisturizer and apply it all over your skin before going to bed.
  • It Prevents wrinkles and dry, flaky skin by quickly penetrating into the skin cells.

For Long Lasting Mascara

You can get moisturized eyelashes my adding few drops of lavender oil to your eye mascara. It helps t retain the mascara for a long time and also helps to thicken the eyelashes.

It Brightens The Skin

  • Mix few drops of lavender oil in all your skin care products for the healthy glowing skin. It controls the overproduction of sebum and also reduces hyperpigmentation by improving skin complexion.
  • Add few drops of lavender oil to your regular face cleanser. Mix it well and rinse your face on a regular basis with that cleanser for bright skin.
  • You can also mix it in body lotions for moisturized skin, and it also acts as a natural deodorant for the skin.

Regular usage of this effective remedy can make you acquire numerous benefits of lavender oil.

2nd Way Of Use:
  • Add 3drops of lavender essential oil to one tablespoon of fresh yogurt and combine them well together.
  • Spread it over your skin and massage it for few minutes. Rinse off with fresh water after 30 minutes for the natural glowing skin.

Pain Reliever

The presence of therapeutic properties improves the blood circulation and provides instant relief from any pain. It acts a refresher and provides cooling sensation by its application on muscles and joints and all the areas of pain.

Apply the lavender essential oil topically on back, temples, joints and all areas of pain for instant relief. It relaxes the muscles and balances the hormones by relieving stress.

Reduces Menstrual Pain

Lavender essential oil is the best solution for the women who suffer from menstruation and PMS problems. Its antispasmodic properties relieve the pain and prevent painful menstrual cramps during periods by balancing the hormones.

  • Rub 3-4drops of lavender essential on the lower abdomen, on your back and compress it with the hot pack for 4-5 minutes to relieve the menstrual pain.
  • People who possess sensitive skin can apply by mixing it with a base or carrier oil like sesame oil.

Prevention Of Dermatitis And Eczema

The calming properties of lavender essential oil help to reduce the inflammation and soreness of skin. It creates a thin protective film on the skin by relieving pain and speed up the healing process due to its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.

  • Slather it on affected areas and let it gets penetrated into the skin for quick healing. The topical application of this oil prevents eczema and dermatitis skin conditions.

Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Hair Loss

It works great for healthy hair growth by preventing excess hair fall. The application of lavender oil for hair is very useful to remove head lice and nits from the hair permanently. The massage of this advantageous oil relieves dandruff and scalp related disorders due to its antibacterial properties.
Lavender oil uses for hair care

  • Mix 5-7 drops of lavender essential oil with 2tablespoons of coconut oil and massage your scalp with it for 4-5 minutes. Let it overnight to get absorbed by the scalp and rinse off with cold water on next morning.
  • It improves the blood circulation on the scalp and prevents hair loss and promotes quick hair growth by rejuvenating the damaged hair.
  • Apply lavender oil for hair on a regular basis to gain several hair benefits of it.
2nd Way Of Use:
  • Mix lavender oil with all your shampoos and conditioner for complete hair care.
  • Combine it with any carrier oil and massage your hair to gain numerous benefits of lavender oil for hair.
  • You can add it to olive oil or jojoba oil for extreme hair growth.
  • Some More Uses Of Lavender Oil


Insomnia is a sleeping disorder which causes sleeplessness due to stress and overproduction of serotonin which is responsible for sleep cycle. It is the foremost one in lavender oil uses. This oil is the best solution for the people suffers from sleep disorders. It stimulates the serotonin and relieves stress.

  • Sprinkle few drops of lavender oil on your blankets or pillowcases for deep sleep and relaxation.
  • You can also spray it on your next or behind the ear or on your clothes.

Lavender Oil Uses For Stress Reduction

The antidepressant properties of lavender oil calm down the stress and reduce depression. It improves your mood due to the presence of its aroma flavor.

  • Rub few drops of lavender oil on your temples to get rid of a headache and for the pleasing effect.
  • It boosts up your mood by enhancing your body. You can simply smell it for pleasant feeling, and it also prevents nausea.

Respiratory System

Inhaling of lavender oil clears the nasal passage and improves the function of the respiratory system. Its antifungal properties protect your body from several infections. It can be inhaled through steaming to clear nasal and sinus infections.

  • Boil 3-4 cups of water in a container for 15 minutes and add few drops of lavender oil to it.
  • Wrap yourself in a blanket including the container and steam it for few seconds.
  • The steaming process refreshes you and improves your mood by relieving nervous stress and reduces a cough and throat infections.

Improves Digestive System

Intaking lavender tea boost up your immune system and improves digestion. It relieves nervous tension and regulates the stress by enhancing the brain.

  1. It clears indigestion and diarrhea and also relieves stomach ache.
  2. The hypotensive properties of it help to maintain healthy blood pressure.
  3. It improves the urinary system and helps with healthy urine flow.

Lavender Oil Uses For Minor Cuts And Burns

The Antiseptic and antibacterial properties of lavender oil help to heal the wounds quickly. The antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties of it reduce the pain and speed up the healing process.

  • Rub the affected area with few drops of lavender oil 2-3 times a day for quick healing.
  • The antimicrobial and calming properties of lavender oil relieve the pain instantly and soothe your skin.
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